Asus Chromebook Flip review, Price and availability

Asus Chromebook Flip review, Price and availability

Asus Chromebook Flip review, Price and availability

The suggestion of a premium Chromebook has been put forth a number of times with devices like the HP Chromebook 13 and Google Chromebook Pixel 2. With high rate tags running counter to the whole factor of Chromebooks’ cost, these extravagant Chrome OS makers have not obtained much ground.

Leave it to Asus to get things right with a Chromebook that provides nearly the exact same specs as its rivals at a far more affordable $499 or ₤ 599 (about AU$ 650) price. Exactly what’s more, with touchscreen assistance as well as a convertible style, this 12.5-inch gadget is ready to run the future Android applications coming to Chrome OS. Which’s why it’s gone straight right into a noticeable setting in our ideal laptop computer list.

Prices as well as schedule

Paying $499 or ₤ 599 (about AU$ 650) for a Chromebook could still seem excessive, however, it’s more inexpensive than the various other premium choices available. If you’re aiming to conserve some cash, the C302 additionally includes a Pentium cpu and also half as much storage space for $449 or ₤ 499 (concerning AU$ 590). For such a tiny rate distinction, we would directly choose the higher-end version.

Get Asus Chromebook Flip C302 (Intel Core M3 4GB RAM) at Amazon India for 66760.
A just as effective HP Chromebook 13 will set you back $599 or ₤ 730 (concerning AU$ 800) with fifty percent as much onboard storage space, but a sharper QHD display screen. The enterprise-oriented Acer Chromebook 14 for Work runs for $599 (regarding ₤ 480, AU$ 800) with an Intel Core i5 cpu, 8GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage space.

The C302’s biggest opponent is the Samsung Chromebook And also, which damages it at $449 (concerning ₤ 360, AU$ 590) with an ARM processor, sharper 2,400 x 1,600 display as well as a built-in stylus. What’s even more, Samsung’s newest Chrome OS machine is also readily available in a Pro SKU that plops on the same Intel Core m3 chip for $549 (regarding ₤ 440, AU$ 720).

Certainly, there are much more budget-friendly Chromebook options. The $399 or ₤ 399 (regarding AU$ 665), Acer Chromebook R13 additionally is available in a convertible kind variable with a Full HD display, though, its 2.1 GHz quad-core processor doesn’t come from Intel, yet instead MediaTek.


Like the original Asus Chromebook C100 before it, the C302 is developed from an all-aluminum framework, however, this moment it has actually a plated coating as opposed to a combed texture. On the whole, it has a clean, no rubbish aesthetic and also it folds up to a virtually balanced slab of steel.

Thankfully, the initial Chromebook C100’s lengthy, bar-shaped hinge has been gone down for the ZenBook Flip UX360’s multi-gear, metal mechanism. The smaller sized, the two-piece device makes this maker seem like less of a toy while assisting it to blend in as a normal notebook.

On the whole, the Asus Chromebook C302 looks like any other unibody laptop influenced by the MacBook Pro in the past Ten Years. Its rounded edges, straight edges and also 0.9-inch (2.29 cm) thin framework all include up to a slick style equaling HP and Google’s most exceptional versions at a much-reduced cost.

Weighing in at 2.6 pounds (1.19 kg), the C302 is just one of the lightest Chromebooks, defeating the 2.86-pound (1.3 kg) HP Chromebook 13. It’s likewise one of the first convertible Chrome OS makers you’ll really intend to use in tablet computer setting, unlike the 3.3-pound (1.5 kg) Acer Chromebook R13.

In addition to being lighter, the C302 seems to have actually been specifically designed for tablet usage. Asus has come up with a brilliant magnetic clasp that draws the display cover limited versus the underside of the notebook. It’s an inventive addition that aids the 2-in-1 Chromebook feel like one solid tool instead of a collapsible electronic, and we’re surprised this service hasn’t come sooner.

When you’re not utilizing the C302 as a tablet, it falls back on a strong keyboard that makes it as acquainted and comfortable with any kind of traditional laptop. The tricks offer an enjoyable 1.4 mm of crisp essential travel that we’ve missed in a globe of ever-slimmer notepads.

As for the trackpad, we could actually only claim it exists. It offers precise monitoring, however with no multitouch features yet two-finger scrolling, there’s absolutely nothing notable regarding it.

Android apps on tap

Having a functional tablet computer mode is coming to be ever before more usual in Chrome OS tools as Google has steadily raised the system’s Android combination. Regrettably, the C302 does not featured accessibility to the Play Store right out of the box, and also we needed to switch over onto Chrome OS beta channel in order to download apps.

Other than that small hiccup, the hybrid Chromebook is totally equipped to own right into the Android ecological community. We swiped and also took advantage of our preferred applications just as we would on any Google tablet. To our surprise, the crossbreed Chromebook is additionally furnished with gyroscopes, allowing us to play motion-controlled games like Asphalt 8.

Unfortunately, not everything regarding running Android applications is perfect. Slack and also numerous other important apps we usually utilize on a smartphone do not scale properly on Chromebooks, leaving us with a small message on specific apps, as well as the Kindle application isn’t able to present complete screen in picture alignment.

Mobile apps additionally are created with a touchscreen interface in mind, as well as often this doesn’t play well with the touchpad as well as keyboard arrangement of the C302. Certainly, it’s simple enough to change the crossbreed to tablet setting.

We chalk these concerns to the beta version of Chrome OS, which took care of some issues and also introduced brand-new ones during the training course of our testimonial.

And, regardless of these troubles, we never ever wish to go back to the days of checking out the beleaguered Chrome Internet Store packed with knockoff applications and video games. It’s only in beta, having access to the Play Store grants us access to so many more useful programs.

We like utilizing Android apps in tablet computer mode equally as high as taking a seat with the C302 as a typical Chromebook for lengthy surfing as well as writing sessions. The hybridization of Google’s 2 platforms likewise lastly lets us utilize mobile applications alongside the essential aspects of Chrome OS.

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