Top 10 Android Apps Everyone Should Install First

The Google Play Store and its similar options can be huge for anyone. So instead of installing many numbers of apps, let’s concentrate on the essential mobile apps or upcoming mobile apps you need to get on your android mobile or tablet.

Official Social Network Apps


Let’s not get into the war among the Facebook vs Twitter, and instead just of that get the best of both apps in your device. In fact, you can get the better social networking sites or platform. Our most suitable advice would be to install the official(legal) version of every social networking site to start with social life. There are many good third-party apps for everything, but it’s better to start with the official experience. Google+ will be one of the pre-installed apps on Android devices. Get the important mobile apps.

Experts Tip: If your storage getting low, it would be better to install Facebook Lite to save storage space on your android phone.

Official Cloud Storage Apps

Once Again, let’s not think about which is the best cloud storage app to install and just take the ones you choose to use. They are all free for install on the phone. Google Drive(cloud storage) comes pre-installed with an Android phone.

Cloud drive is always useful to have at least once with a lot of storage space to save on it, in case if you want to save or backup your music or photos. This will keeps your phone’s memory free and not getting it low, while still giving you access to all of your data. You can also get 100GB of OneDrive space for free after a few clicks.

Microsoft Office(MS Office)

If you are on a mobile screen that does not mean you will not get the full power of Microsoft’s productivity suite. Essential mobile apps for android Microsoft Office is free to download on Android phone and totally worth it.

There are much more great office suites on Android, but Microsoft Office’s compatibility with the file formats you use so often makes it a suitable option for you, especially, it because how well it displays the content of files you saved.


It is much difficult to do multitasking on a mobile screen because of its limited screen size. So when you come to an article or video you need to check out, what will you do? Add that to Pocket, the best bookmarking app for android phone, and check it later.

Doing this way, you will get a continuous browsing experience, without missing out anything in it. Plus, Pocket also helps to downloads and catches articles when you are connected with a WiFi connection, so you save some data for yourself and don’t have to wait for that to read.

TrueCaller or Facebook Hello

These are important mobile apps on a mobile phone, you usually get calls from unknown numbers. Yes, it’s annoying, but it can be a security risk when getting calls from some malicious numbers. But you can really want to find out who is calling or at least get an idea of the caller, and automatically you want to block unfavorable callers.

The best options are TrueCaller and Facebook Hello. The TrueCaller is a crowd-sourced phone directory, which will nearly always show you who is calling, but the data might not always completely accurate. Facebook Hello gives you accurate data, but won’t always show you who is the caller. We suggest to download Hello if you are a Facebook user but use TrueCaller if you are not using facebook.


The contacts list is the most important parts of your phone, so please do not compromise on that. Contacts+ is the perfect app for contacts, whether it’s about the managing them, placing calls to them, send text messages, or using some widgets to reply quickly and speed dial option.


Your cell phone and your PC will regularly need to get along with each other, regardless of whether it’s exchanging information, overseeing contracts, or even rapidly answering to an instant message while you’re on your portable PC. Essential mobile apps for Windows

AirDroid makes a consistent remote association amongst telephones and PCs, over a WiFi arrange or through Web information, with which you can do the greater part of the above activities. What’s more, if your telephone is established, you will likewise have the capacity to cast your telephone’s screen to your PC.


Text messaging, say goodbye to them. WhatsApp lets you send free messages to anyone in your contacts who also have installed WhatsApp in its phone. Recently, it also added voice calling for free phone calls. And the latest WhatsApp Web interface lets you talk with your friends from your computer too.

This is one of the must-have apps. If not many people in your circle use WhatsApp, you might try its alternatives like Telegram, Line or others. It totally depends on what apps your friends are using.

Camera Zoom FX

A decent cell phone will need a decent camera, yet don’t simply depend on the default camera application that is pre-stacked on your gadget. Odds are, it doesn’t take the full preferred standpoint of everything Android can do with a camera. The correct camera application can have any kind of effect for photography apprentices, in spite of the fact that it’s not especially valuable in the event that you definitely know enough about shooting photographs. You will need these Latest mobile apps.


It’s difficult to recollect every one of the passwords for the few administrations you utilize. Actually, you’re likely more secure by not recalling those codes and giving a secret word director a chance to deal with that.

LastPass is the answer for improving and secure your computerized life, and it’s currently likewise accessible on Android — and in case you’re a current client, it will match up all your spared information up until this point. LastPass works splendidly on Android and spares you the inconvenience of tapping passwords on a versatile console, which can regularly prompt mistakes and irritating retries.

LastPass is a free trial for 14 days, after which you should subscribe to LastPass Premium, which costs $12 every year.

ES File Explorer

One reason to love Android over iOS is that it has an open file framework, much like Windows and Macintosh. Latest mobile apps for Android you can peruse through your telephone’s stockpiling to discover files, duplicate/move them around, rename and recategorize them, et cetera. To do all that, the best file explorer application on Android is ES File Explorer. It’s easy to utilize, has each alternative you may need, and even backings arrange organizers so you can get to your distributed storage.


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