Unboxing & Review modem Mifi 4G ZTE MF920 unlocked all Indonesia GSM

ok, today I will do the unboxing a modem from ZTE.

namely ZTE mf920, which already support 4G LTE here I get a modem that is already unlocked.

because these modems sold in Russia and can be viewed at the box all used the Russian language so is unlocked to be used in Indonesia and support all operator gsm card Here we can see the modem is already support LTE FDD (800/1800/2600) which is a standard Cat 4.

frequencies in Indonesia ok let's direct our unboxing it These modems as we held the phone And this is a modem, we get white A true moment on hold, this modem felt we were holding the phone and here there is a slot for simcardnya, wps button and the power button behind this there is a username, password wifi, model name, IMEI number we put it first and see what is inside box Here there is a data cable that is also white No IMEI number, there barcodenya too and these manuals this manual is entirely Russian-speaking and I could not read it here there is no English language at all because it is sold in Russia so in the manuals only Russian language there is also a manual which also uses the Russian language maybe friends who know the Russian language can read this if I myself could not read I hope in the settings there is the English language so its Russian language only in the box and manuals yeah we see again this is a modem when held like we are holding the phone and this white color so it will be quickly soiled The place for charging and this is the name service is beeline used in Russia so we need to turn on the first charge and I already had my fill of charge and also with XL sim cards that already support 4G LTE drawback here is the lack of memory card slots and the color is white we try to turn first to turn quite a long time we press the power so we wait until the indicator lamp life well this is on it if it is already on the blue icon signalit if it is already on the blue icon signal means is connected to 4G and this wifi is on here if we've turned this modem the indicator light turns off so it's good for saving power the durability of this modem could be 6-7 hours This is the starting point for the setting we connect wifi first we open a browser and type 192.



1 and the password "admin" This view once we entered in fact we do not need anymore because it was automatic settings can be used batrai indicator will also move when we charge and for data plan so we can set usage essentially the settings here we do a restart and turn off the modem from here This had me connect to 2 devices and this is the setting for LTE the setting is almost equal to the average of the other modem for setting wifi so we can arrange the names and how users can use this modem I think for the user interface of this setting is very friendly at all and very easy to use and we can test the speed here I wear XL cards that already support 4G LTE our tests at speedtest.

Net wow speed up to 30 mbps I think very fast connection to download and we see uplod passable for speed very fast also to cities like right where I wanted it I think this is very pretty fast to use browsing and downloading and we are trying to download the speed is tolerable can be up to 2.

5 mbps i think very good connection quality recommended for all gsm sim card yeah so much from me unboxing and review modem mf920 if any question suggestion anything you can ask in comment below if you like this video please click on like subscrip and share this video, thanks.

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