Xperia X naugat update

 Sony Xperia X Nougat update brings VoLTE support

As per latest info the Japanese smartphone manufacturer company Sony is allegedly working with LTE carriers so that they can bring Voice over LTE commonly known as VoLTE feature for Xperia X .Sony has started rolling out a new Nougat-based Concept for Android firmware for the Xperia X smartphone . Carrying the build number of 38.1.A.0.367 for Xperia X Android Nougat update .The update brings along support for VoLTE 4G configurations.

At this point only German carriers Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica/02 are supported with this concept. However, given that the update is set to be rolled out in the UK and Spain next, VoLTE support for carriers in that country should also be on the way.The upcoming Android Nougat update for Xperia X might bring this feature with the concept of the latest update. With this new feature user will be able to call faster using LTE network and the sound quality will also be enhanced. The user doesn’t need to switch to 3G network to just make the call via the internet.

Nougat update will improve

Aside from VoLTE support, the Xperia X Android Nougat update also includes android security fixes for November patch (Android security patch level is at Nov 5), a fix for camera-related crashes, new Xperia Home version, and other minor bugs changes.

Xperia X Android Nougat update

However, it won’t be an easy job for Sony because this feature not only requires software support but it also requires phone support as well. Sony might need to implement this feature on the basis of carriers. Initially, three German carriers will be getting this feature support. These carriers are Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and Telefonica.



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