三星Galaxy S9、S9+實機搶先直擊:雙光圈拍攝與更好的聲音吸睛 原文網址: 三星Galaxy S9、S9+實機搶先直擊:雙光圈拍攝與更好的聲音吸睛

三星Galaxy S9、S9+實機搶先直擊:雙光圈拍攝與更好的聲音吸睛 原文網址: 三星Galaxy S9、S9+實機搶先直擊:雙光圈拍攝與更好的聲音吸睛

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 + real machine first shot: double aperture shooting and better sound suction eye Original URL: Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 + real machine first shot: double aperture shooting with a better voice ▲ This is a new appearance of the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, the left is a new color of lilac, coral blue on the right, is the more eye-catching two color version (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo)

Hongsheng one reporter / Barcelona, ​​Spain Almost no secret Samsung's new generation of flagship aircraft Galaxy S9, S9 + earlier in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Barcelona Fira Monju Cosmos Square (Fira Monjuic) were unveiled to the scene more than 5,000 media, analysts and partners Introduced the new machine features, and notice will be listed on March 16 "ETtoday News Cloud" first to take the first-hand experience of real products, to provide readers with reference The two phone names are called Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 +, Samsung internal code-named "Star" and "Star2" Samsung Electronics conducted a detailed study on smart phone users' needs in 2017 in response to the "next step" of smartphones

It found that consumers around the world considered "mobile phones" as "very badly equipped with cameras," so Samsung The new year's smart phone will also be based on these two directions, of course, S9, S9 + has been strengthened in these two areas The same infinity screen, better sound First of all in the screen with the speaker to bring the audio experience, the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 + are Super AMOLED QHD + resolution Infinity Display Infinity Display screen design, the screen ratio of 185: 9, this design allows these two phones is almost No border, the relevant visual experience first seen in the Galaxy S8, S8 +, the whole machine also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof Both 5

8-inch Galaxy S9 and 62-inch Galaxy S9 + are equipped with 185: 9 Super AMOLED QHD + resolution Infinity Display infinity screen design (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) ▲ physical card slot with the antenna and radio hole design is above the phone

(Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) ▲ 35mm headphone jack can be seen at the bottom to retain the use of USB-C transmission design, the left speaker with the second radio hole (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) ▲ right side of the phone there is a physical power button

(Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) ▲ The left side of the phone volume keys with Bixby quick start button (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) ▲ S9 is the same single-lens, S9 + for the first time to provide dual-lens configuration, fingerprint recognition position changed under the main lens, right below the flashing lights still keep the heart rate detection module (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo)

▲ S9, S9 + are used 3D curved mirror glass back cover (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) Phone screen size with the Galaxy S8, S8 +, S9, S9 + size of 58 inches and 62 inches, the size of the Galaxy S9 phone 147

7X687X85mm, weight 163 grams, S9 + phone size 1581X738X8

5mm, weight 189 grams, compared to the S8 (1489 x 681 x 8 mm, 155 g), S8 + (1595 x 734 x 8

1 mm, 173 g), the sides of the phone are slightly reduced by about 1mm, so the screen proportion increased to 832% 842%, screen brightness of 529ppi each, 570ppi, the actual grip feel better ▲ 62-inch S9 + grip feeling full

(Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) If you look at the screen with the appearance of the phone seems to be no big change, but if you listen, you will find the phone sound louder, but more three-dimensional, mainly because of the phone in the sound, providing dual front AKG music tuning, And in line with the Dolby Atmos specification (HDR10 compatible), the phone's speaker is located one on the handset and one on the underside of the phone More powerful "camera" PART1: The world's first single lens with F15 / F24 double aperture

In recent years, smartphones have been moving more and more toward the camera, much for zooming purposes Many manufacturers use "dual lenses" to achieve a fast 2x zoom However, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + this camera has a further breakthrough in functionality For the first time, Samsung uses the F15 / F2

4 dual iris switch, and the S9 + is also a dual-lens configuration, which means the phone is capable of fast zoom (albeit only 2x) as well as a camera and is able to switch the iris First explain the shooting specifications of two phones Galaxy S9 equipped with 12 million pixel single lens (aperture F15 / F24, 77 ° wide-angle), the unit pixel area of ​​1

4 μm, the sensor size of 1 / 255 inches, the largest pixel shooting specifications for the 4: 3 , Built-in OIS optical anti-shake, support for PDAF phase focus, using Dual Pixel imaging technology, the maximum distance up to 8X digital zoom Galaxy S9 + As previously reported, this is the first dual-lens design in the Samsung Galaxy S Series It offers two dual-lens configurations of 12 million pixels, one for a wide-angle lens (aperture F15 / F2

4 , Shooting range 77 °), the unit pixel area of ​​14 μm, the sensor size of 1 / 255 inches, the other for the telephoto lens (aperture F24, shooting range 45 °), the unit pixel area of ​​10um, the size of the sensor 1 / 34 inches

Like the Galaxy Note8, both lenses feature built-in OIS optical anti-shake, PDAF phase focus, and Dual Pixel imaging technology for fast 2X optical zoom with up to two lenses 10X digital zoom, also provides "real-time depth of field preview" shooting function, this feature has also been followed by many mobile phone manufacturers follow suit ▲ Galaxy S9 + with the Galaxy Note8 offers two 12 million pixel dual lens configuration, one for the wide-angle lens (aperture F15 / F24, shooting range 77 °), the other for the telephoto lens (aperture F24, shooting range 45 °)

(Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) After Samsung explained that in the daily shooting process, the F15 and F24 is "automatically switch", the switching conditions are mainly based on ambient light to make a decision If you want to switch manually, just click the camera's "professional mode", you can manually adjust the aperture, allowing users to choose whether to use F

15, or back to F24 ▲ Galaxy S9, S9 + for the first time provide F15 / F2

4 dual-aperture physical configuration, dual lens S9 + configuration in the wide-angle lens (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) According to the reporter's understanding, the reader can think of this configuration as the pupil of the eye In the dim interior, the pupil of the eye will be enlarged to make the eye more clearly, but under the big sunlight, the pupil of the eye will be reduced The F2

4 / F15 configuration, is the principle, the light is weak, the phone will automatically switch the F15 aperture shooting (incidentally, this is the current smart phone using the maximum aperture), by This suppresses noise, and in the normal light environment, the phone will switch to F24, so that the phone shot photos will not "burst" ▲ F2

4 / F15 double aperture with the same eye pupil, usually automatically switch, the user does not have to manually adjust, such as this under the sun's initial configuration is F24, with optical anti-shake, and even readily come up Shooting, but also shoot good quality (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) More powerful "camera" PART2: 12 consecutive photos of a super high-quality photos

In addition, for the first time in the Galaxy S7, the introduction of Dual Pixel imaging technology at the Galaxy S7 has resulted in high-quality photos with high light sensitivity, which is why many people suddenly feel the Samsung mobile phone taking pictures from the S7 Powerful reason And to the Galaxy S8 series, the mobile phone performance has improved significantly, so for the first time Samsung uses the so-called "multiple image overlay technology", consumers just press and take photos, the phone will quickly take three photos, and then stacked into a Photos, so that the phone in low light, backlight shooting environment, providing better shooting results And to the Galaxy S9 series, Samsung in addition to providing Dual Pixel imaging technology, and through double aperture adjustment of the light source, because of the faster processor, the "multiple image overlay technology" has evolved to consumers press the camera button, the phone It will automatically take 12 photos, and then a group of 4 photos, the synthesis of three photos, and then the three photos into a photo, Samsung official data that through such a mechanism will effectively make mobile phone photography Quality than the Galaxy S8 series also increased by 60% The reporter measured in the super-big backlight shooting, the whole process completely complete without feeling you complete the shooting results are also very good, see below photo: (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) ▲ The new image overlay technology can shoot 12 photos in quick succession into a photo, almost no pause in the process, shooting quality is almost the quality of digital cameras

(Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) More powerful "camera" PART3: "Super Trap" super slow motion For the first time, the Galaxy S9 and S9 + offer "Super Speed" function, which can capture 960FPS HD quality video just like the Sony Xperia XZ1 The difference is that Samsung offers the following three different shooting effects for this shooting function: Have music:

In the previous experience Xperia XZ1, when the reporter referred to this 960FPS super slow motion, is under the HD @ 30Fps, 960FPS super slow film, and the process of super slow motion is no background music, with the general use of the iPhone Slow motion video shoot can appear super slow sound varies Samsung S9 to solve this concern, simply let the whole movie which, whether it is @ 30FS, or @ 960FPS let them "mute" and provide many different contexts of music, allowing users to their own soundtrack, the soundtrack after the completion of the shooting results As follows: (video / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) In order to make it easier for consumers to capture the moment of photography, Samsung designed the so-called "trap shutter" In general, a square frame is preset Users only need to adjust where they want to capture "super slow Action "and then in the video process, when the object into the frame, press the slow motion video, you can easily super slow-motion shooting, which can shoot up to 20 times, each time is 0

2 seconds Time, made into 63 seconds 960FPS effect Many people are shooting super slow motion, will enter the post system, so Samsung this very intimate to provide "repeat, reverse, spin," and other commonly used three users post-demand needs, and then accompanied by a music, so S9 users can be very Quickly edit your favorite files, quickly share to friends, the three post-finished files are GIF files, the initial default sound 35 kinds of options, of course, you can choose their favorite mobile phone music edit ▲ S9 series of slow-motion photography can be further edited into repeat play, reverse, rotation (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo)

Samsung Animoji can quickly create a personal map When Apple introduced the iPhone X, users can quickly detect facial expressions using the TrueDepth camera on their mobile phone and then put on a so-called Animoji texture to make a very cute and personalized map to greet friends In the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 + also provides very similar functions, this feature is called "AR Emoji", in addition to making a quick dynamic map, you can also create a set of personalized maps, the use of simple, as long as the choice of "AR Emoticons ", you will enter the" Create My Emoji "and select men and women After that, you can adjust the color, choose hairstyle, hair color, add glasses, put on different clothes, then press" OK " Automatically generated virtual dolls, and breath in the media browser which stored 18 different GIF maps, but the use of the process to connect the network will be completed, the reporter actually trial, the entire production process is not complicated, the shooting results are as follows: ▲ ▼ S9 series can be used to design interesting emoticons through the "AR Emoji" function, and share it with friends through the social platform

However, this function can not be used as a LINE mapping Integrate face recognition with iris recognition to make "smart recognition" As previously disclosed by overseas media, Samsung's smart identification function integrates facial and iris recognition technologies, but the direction is not "a stronger security effect" but a "more convenient mobile phone unlocking" Light source environment, the phone will start the iris recognition feature to help mobile phones quickly unlock, but if it is under the sun, the iris to identify the infrared scan to reduce the effect, then the phone will start the optical face recognition, the same reached the phone unlocked quickly Effect In short, the effect of this recognition is not to raise the level of protection, of course, there is no way to compare with the TrueDepth camera face recognition technology in the iPhone X, which also shows why the Galaxy S9, S9 + will retain the "fingerprint Recognition "module, the user wants to use Samsung Pay, is still through the" iris recognition "or" fingerprint identification "to complete Selfie lens can also "real-time depth of field preview

" Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 + Selfie lens shooting module with the same as the Galaxy S8, can shoot 8 million pixel photos (aperture F17, shooting range 80 °), support for 1080P video, the unit pixel area of ​​122 μm, the size of the sensor 1 / 36 inches, and provides real-time depth of field preview Selfie function ▲ S9 series front camera 800 million pixels, in addition to the emoticons AR function, but also when the self-depth preview of real-time depth of field

(Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) Artificial Intelligence Bixby comes to version 20 In the Galaxy S9, S9 + is also built-in Bixby, and the volume buttons below the phone also have the entity "Bixby button", press the Bixby button, also will quickly enter the Bixby user interface, but has been improved in function, just as with Like LG 's AI VISION this year, LG and Google have partnered with Bixby Vision, which was already on the Galaxy S8, to include the following three features: 1AR attractions and object recognition:

Open the camera you can through the augmented reality way to identify the building, click on the building can further understand the building information, such as if the recognition result is Plaza España, click to go further to learn more about Plaza España with the mall Time, and will automatically open Google Maps tell you the location of attractions and other information If the restaurant, in addition to restaurant introduction, telephone, business hours, you can also tell you how the restaurant evaluation, if the camera according to the red, white wine label, the lens will tell you what this wine Reporters recorded a video, for your reference: (video / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) This feature is actually linked Google translation, open BixbyVision, through the set, met do not know the text, it will automatically translate into the language you want, such as the outdoor English posters translated into Chinese, the reporter recorded for a period Video, for your reference: (video / reporter Hong Sheng one photo) (Photo / reporter Hong Sheng one photo)

2AR translation: This feature is quite amazing, just pick up the phone, open Bixby Vision, and then facing a dish, you will know what this dish, and tell you how many calories will eat this dish, but this feature is not in Taiwan open Finally, to explain the specifications, Galaxy S9, S9 + will have a version equipped with Samsung Exynos 8910, there will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform version, Galaxy S9 provides 4G RAM, Galaxy S9 Plus provides 6GB RAM, both phones have 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and other three specifications, and up to support 400GB microSD card expansion Powered by Samsung and Qualcomm's top 10nm process flagship processors, these two handsets will support Cat

18 and 5CA, offering gigabit-level connectivity at 12Gbps and up-to-speed connection with S8 20%, the mobile phone supports dual card dual standby, but because Taiwan telecom operators 5CA LTE does not meet the 3GPP international standards, so Qualcomm S854 version at most only 4CA in Taiwan, but the Exynos 8910 version, if the cooperation with Taiwan telecom operators The introduction of "customized" version, it will be expected to allow Taiwan users can also use the 5CA ultra-high-speed networking effect, and in accordance with previous years, Samsung mobile phones are introduced in Taiwan Exynos processor version, I believe Galaxy S9, S9 + support 5CA in Taiwan The odds will be very high With even greater performance, the handset is almost as fast as a desk-top machine for playing clerical or gaming games, and just as previously reported, Samsung is also offering a new version of the Samsung DEX docking station called the DEX Pad Compared to the first version of DEX, this version allows the phone to be placed flat on the desktop, the same can be through the USB Bluetooth connector to expand the keyboard / mouse, processing instruments, or play games, measuring the efficiency of the phone connected to the screen The same, but if the connection process you want to answer the phone, you still need to listen on the screen

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