เฟื่องลดา | 9 จุดเด่น Galaxy S9/S9+

เฟื่องลดา | 9 จุดเด่น Galaxy S9/S9+

9 distinctive points of Samsung Galaxy S9 and 9+ I'll showcase for you a bit first before a full review

Let's take a look of what its highlights are S9, S9+ Though the appearance is the same but the fingerprint scanning is better Galaxy S9 and S9+ For a glance, they look exactly like S8 and S8+ but if we look closely, you would see some differences For example, the black top and bottom bezel is thinner The censor looks darker so overall, it looks like the same color with the body

Moreover, the position of the fingerprint scanner, which people complain that the previous model sometimes you accidentally touch the camrera lens so you need to try to bend your finger but now it's at the bottom of the lens so you don't need to worry about the lens 2 Fast, better efficiency and smooth For the specs of Galaxy S9 and 9+ are faster than the previous one for more than 40% with some differences between these 2 For S9, the display is 58 inch , 4 GB RAM, 1 camera lens and a 3,000 mAh battery

For S9+ is a bit more grand, with 62 inch display 6 GB RAM, double-lens and a 3,500 mAh battery More storage 3 Better camera F number can reach the lowest at 1

5 As I told you, S9+ comes with a double-lens like Galaxy Note 8 Both models, we can adjust the aperture the most in the phone market right now The F stop is at 15 for us to take photos in a low-light condition that can capture details and lights which I've tried and it amazed me

So bright 4 Slow-motion shooting Galaxy S9 and S9+ can do "super slow-motion" shooting at 960 fps at 720 p Much slower than the previous devices We can create pretty shots like these

toss your hair with the wind or blow the bubble the bubbles move slowly like Really slow-moving 5 AR Emoji Cute feature, easy to use Samsung has launched this feature to particularly compete with IPhone X's Animoji But S9 and S9+'s has the upper hand because we can create a 3D Emoji to look like the users easily

No need for the monkey, unicorn, and alien Just take a photo of yourself it will create an avatar that looks like you and it can change expressions accordingly with you You can use it in various messaging apps or save it as gif to your phone I like it

It's cute You can choose gender, change the hair, wear glasses change the clothes 6 Louder with double speakers Galaxy S9 and S9+ come with double speakers with surround sterio by AKG, which is the Dolby Atmos system that can create new dimensions of sound to be more realistic I say it's very loud

It's totally made for people who like watching series I'm binging on a series now 7 The new face scan is faster The face scan to unlock S9 and S9+ is the combination of iris scanning and face scanning both at once

It's called "intelligent scan" making it fast and better security For the iris scanner, normally in a bright sunlight sometimes it's impossible for the scanning and sometimes in the darkness you might be unable to scan your face But when there's a combination between the iris scanner and face scanning , the scanning can be possible in low-light and in bright setting That's the improvement 8

New and better DEX Pad Of course now cell phone is your everything With its specs, it can become a PC You can use it for work or a presentation The S9 can be used with the new DEX Pad , which is a flat on pad so you can use it through the phone screen wile connecting to a PC , as a track pad It's more convenient with better heat dissipation

9 Same price but more variations For ones who want a Galaxy S9 it has only 1 storage type, which is 64 GB The price is at 27,900 Baht But if you want an S9+ which is the model I recommend because there're a lot of better features icluding the double-lens camera I'm impressed with the double-lens camera

There are 3 storage types 64 GB is 31,900 Baht 128 GB is 33,900 Baht And Samsung's first, 256 GB, the price is at 37,900 Baht You can pre-order it from February 27th to March 5th

And you can get the pre-ordered phone from March 9th to March 11th of 2018 The promotion for ones who pre-order, you will get a 1 year screen insurance And since it supports wireless charging, so Samsung gives you the wireless charger for free Apple doesn't do that though It's very kind of Samsung

This is just a brief preview but wait for the full review for what's it like using it Please leave a comment if you have any question Also, I'll post more preview photos for you

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