My Favorite Phone of 2017!

My Favorite Phone of 2017!

My Favorite Phone

Hi how are you, Dave2D here, so 2017 It has been filled with many smartphones that we can choose basically all the manufacturers out there successfully produced highly qualified goods this year And it is very difficult to make a video about them because every time I come across HP and try to make a video about it

A month later, another company will release a new smartphone equally good so it is really hard for me to say “hey this is good, that’s good Hey wait a minute that’s nice” so this is the most I like, This being my top choice this year Each HP in front of me are HP’s what I really like makenya And a little surprise me how good this So I will start and in the end I will choose the most I like in 2017 So let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 HP is launched at a price nearly 1,000 US dollar and The first time I learned about the price It was very disappointing because It was very expensive from what I Think Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus very similar in usage But Note 8 different with both HP Now the price has dropped slightly which already makes sense but still I think that this is not my favorite HP karna If you buy now

I buy it now I still pay for goods not ever I use And goods ga too often I like For example, rich S Pen, I NEVER use Tele lens behind I also NEVER use And as for the software

I’m not a fan of software made by Samsung In conclusion, a good overall HP It’s just not my favorite :) Okay let’s move on There LGV30 here and it was HP that function I more enjoyed than HP Samsung most The idea is the same, with a thin bezel But Ergonomically I like what it’s like HP and I like the function of the second lens So this is a wide lens and I prefer the type i

rich way It was rather useful for me especially to take some pictures yes but gimanapun, I still do not like the software I now use google launcher, and I’ve tried too nova launcher but still I can not have HP kerasa rich ngebuat stock android HP remains rich kerasa LG my intention Some people might like it, I just baseball, conclusion HP is not my favorite this year Furthermore, I have a Razer Phone and this is what makes me so amazed HP a lot of very unique features that really different Screen 120Hz speed Speaker quality’s brilliant Possible best speaker today for HP

but the price 700 American dollars, okay it’s worth what you will be able to the price is too expensive or lebay ga but still ga rich kerasa attract really does make me Many features here are made for media consumption and play games Which is very cool But this HP ga has headphone jack

I think that does greatly missed Such HP kaya gini Where you used to plug in a charger and headphones at the same time batrenya splurging because you very quickly It would be very nice If this HP can ngecas and can tetep nyolokin headphones connected which was highly unlikely Conclusion yah

HP were nice but not my favorite I think The HP has a lot of cool features and great for most people ga just too perfect for me OK hereinafter let we see Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL It is HP’s highly I like, and when this stuff was launched, many who complain about the screen but I ga ve ngerasain tuh problem I know this ga screen as good as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but yah glad I wrote the heck with the screen, not ever a problem on fire screen, blue screen and sebagaiannya but the price was 850 dollars loh is a lot of money to HP Indeed, HP has The best camera in its class well just ga camera too important anyway for me, it is important not only the most important features rich taste I pay for something I need such ga Assistants are very smart, squeezing features, it’s just like something cool but not something that would I use every day

Conclusion HP very nice but not my favorite OK next Essential Phone HP this? I have my sis bro great expectations with HP I really like this HP HP’s “Oh that this flame, I guess I’ve turned off all” HP is launched at a price of 700 dollars which I think that is very excessive (too expensive)

I think if HP is in luncurin at a price of 500 dollars (Which currently costs that much) it would sold out one thing is very unwelcome from HP are kemeranya when HP du luncurin, he had a camera with a quality that is too standard Hardware okay

And that I got this stuff examples where I better camera than the goods sold in the market Which one It took a long time for its plant cukuo make improvements and revisions to repair the version on the market ga camera now so ugly but many people do not like HP, because many bad reviews about this HP satuhal that made me survive is the screen, is not an OLED panel so if you can see other HP use OLED panel and see this HP again HP is going to be less good plasticity

HP its own does very sturdy I like ceramics in tow I like the design without bezelnya yes just not my favorite this year Okay that last before my favorite HP This I’ve got an iPhone X (ten) Well The HP so far

iPhone most in wait wait that I see all the time possibly before the iPhone 4 very bold hype everywhere nah that is also the most bold hype since the iPhone 4 and well I like HP’s but again the price again you would be shocked HP’s Okay HP’s price ga will affect the people who are purchasing kepengen HP’s price would affect the overall market HP next year because it costs 1000 US dollars Other companies going “hey Apple for HP for 1,000 US dollars, yok we make as well so I ga would be shocked, if HP will come next year the price will be close to 1000 US dollars HP is give the green light for all companies to manufacture HP for 1000 of the US dollar and it killed me His HP does okay, yes very expensive cuman Okay! he finally my favorite HP OnePlus 5T

Well When OnePlus 5 launches I love her and that HP is far better looks more premium than OnePlus 5 because its large screen, ultra-thin bezel and the rich plasticity fingering my HP 900 American dollars but which in fact only $ 500 US dollars I like face detection features in HP’s I guess just gimick, but it was very fast and very good This is obvious as safe ga Face ID on iPhone X (ten) which more technology used to process the Face ID but that is fast and really easy to use I like! Another thing that I like about this HP

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