Thought will have to wait for the next series of the week? Ha, here you are not a game of thrones Meet – Nokia 6, more recently, the flagship android HDM Global line

And when you look at the six know – no wonder it’s up to Eight output was the top smartphone in the lineup No fillets and licked the corners – a strict aluminum bar with smooth edges This is not exactly pognesh and is a proven way fact Take in hand – once you understand a thing This not only contributes to the excellent build quality, but rather a solid weight of 170 grams

Yes, the frame is not the most subtle, the display occupies 71% of the front panel But first I have some redmi laptop 4 is not much better – 72%, and secondly there at the expense of the general brutality is taken for granted Matte aluminum is not very tenacious material, and six far from the baby but the hand because of the shape it is securely and will not slip A couple of nuances – polished bevel on the ends with time covered with small scratches, fingerprint scanner platform as well as in the top five is too small, outdated MicroUSB connector instead of USB-C, although it is possible for someone is even plus A pleasant surprise – in stereo speakers, well, just to create it uses the stereo earpiece

Play louder 7 plus ayofna, the quality no complaints – even at high sound smart and clean with a good frequency range Even without the sound of the price in the six fire certification for Dolby Atmos standard in this case is not just words The headphones differences did not hear from the five – well, but tihovat FM radio not gone anywhere – there is Nokia, which without him The main complaints against the five was a HD display, a six easily eliminates this drawback

IPS screen with a diagonal of 55 inches and a resolution Full HD really ok High contrast ratio, 530 nits of brightness, excellent visibility in the sun Factory calibration is not bad, though all colors the chilly, I would like to correct a little, but unfortunately this is not possible Covered with display Gorilla Glass oleophobic coating, By the way despite the fact that it is rounded at the 2

5d fall on the end of the glass is not likely to be broken because it protects the entire perimeter aluminum frame When looking at the characteristics it seemed to leave Six in the same five Snapdragon 430 is not the best idea Yes More RAM – 3GB, but the resolution is 2 times higher How to cope with it is not the fastest vosmiyadernik? As it turned out – fine Lags and freezes are rare in this term differences from five HD almost no shortage of the same performance Only when there is heavy load applications

Due to the increased volume in the RAM of Basically it is possible to keep the already running and switch if necessary In general, six felt quite agile smartphone What makes naked android-giving, even when 45ti tyschah in antutu Yet 1080P video core Adreno 505 is given too heavy and there where on Nokia 5 games were medium-high settings, there will have to set the medium-low, but heating under a moderate load A set of wireless interfaces without modification – NFC, support five gigahertz Wi fi

Slot mikrosd cards Hybrid, or the second or additional sim memory, remember the five could be this and that, but 32GB here and you can get this amount in principle Battery 3000 mAh similar low-end model, but at the expense of resolution and increase the diagonal screen while working in less than six by 15-20% However batteries still have enough problems without on day with the final 5-6 hours of screen Support Quick Chardjui there again, a complete charge 2A smart charging for 25 hours long

Android version 711 as I said catabatic with pre Pixel Launcher Nokia promised to release an update on recent Android Oreo in a month and a half after it enters on Google Pixel / Nexus and it’s cool – what some samsungi wait for it in the best case by April next year, and many xiaomi-meizu maybe never Okay, what’s with the camera Natasha, sit longer keep the money in his hands and is almost ready to click to buy! I will not weary – you can press a button

The camera is one of the best for your money 16 Megapixels, 20 aperture, phase detection autofocus Pictures in a sunny day, detailed, no porridge in small details, with the correct color and saturated colors Moreover, and in low light does not squelch lyutuet to balance the noise-detailing

Evening pictures are not ashamed to show your friends and put in the social network Do not expect super speed, though not the flagship HDR processes 5 seconds, autofocus is not lightning fast, but if we consider not the wide dynamic range and correct spolzovat HDR using Nokii 6 can get a stable fit fotochki Though not very fast In short, if the cell five little not reached, the six restored faith in the fact that Nokia still moget in image quality That would have failed and the camera interface – it’s too easy, with a minimum of setup, I recommend completely copy of windows phone, behold, there was great

Frontalka similar nokiya 5 – 8 megapixels, aperture 20, autofocus, frontalka good and interesting shots Full HD video at 30 with the quality, with the same set of advantages, that photo, that would still be here even though digital image stabilization – on the go especially not to shoot, shakes If I put Pyaterochka Pyaterochka, now after As Nokia tried 6 is ready to change her assessment 4, but still put shesterochke 5 It would be even with a plus if inside was Snapdragon 625, however, and the fact that there is enough if you are not gamers

If the difference is 1000 UAH I do not quite understand what’s the point take a younger model, because there is literally everything better – design, screen, camera, and stereo speakers, as a gift No doubt you will now compare the comments with Xiaomei and Maisie but here each decide what to more important than the latest version of Android and the cool chamber Zoo or firmware but with more powerful hardware

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