iPhone 7 Plus vs Motorola Moto X Pure Test Review Comparison Expensive vs Cheap

After years and years of wasting my moneybuying the most expensive devices I got tired of being deceived and screwedby the big brands So I decided to create videos to compare Expensivevs Cheap to really find out if it's worth to pay moreor less I included the links for these 2 devices belowin the comment section for furthercomparing and reviews Prices reflect unlocked status,that means you can use these 2 phones with any mobile carrier you desireanywhere around the world.

Rear Camera:iPhone 7 Plus = Dual 12MP | Moto X Pure = 21MP Front Camera:iPhone 7 Plus = 7MP | Moto X Pure = 5MP Screen Size:iPhone 7 Plus = 5.

5 inch | Moto X Pure = 5.

7 inch Screen Resolution:iPhone 7 Plus = 1080 x 1920 | Moto X Pure = 2560 x 1440 Operating System:iPhone 7 Plus = iOS 10 | Moto X Pure = Android Marshmallow CPU:iPhone 7 Plus = A10 Fusion | Moto X Pure = Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 RAM:iPhone 7 Plus = 3GB | Moto X Pure = 3GB Storage:iPhone 7 Plus = 32GB | Moto X Pure = 16/32/64GB of on-board storage, microSD expansion upto 128GB Battery:iPhone 7 Plus = 2900mAh | Moto X Pure = 3000mAh And the winner is iPhone 7 Plus.

My RatingsiPhone 7 PLus Motorola Moto X Pure Edition 8 7 Let me know which one would you buy and whycomment below If you found this video of any help like, subscribe and share to help other people See you soon with another Expensive vs Cheapvideo!.

Source: Youtube