Contacts on the BlackBerry PRIV | AT&T

Contacts Add a contact From the homescreen, tapContacts.

To add a contact, tap the Plusicon.

Select the desired destination.

Enter the contact's name andphone number.

To add a photo to the contact,tap the Add photo icon.

Navigate to, then tap thedesired photo.

Tap and drag the corners to setthe crop.

Tap the Checkmark icon.

Tap "SAVE".

To save the contact, tap theCheckmark icon.

Edit a contact To edit a contact tap thedesired contact.

Tap the Edit icon.

Edit the desired information.

To save the contact tap theCheckmark icon.

Delete a contact Tap the Menu icon.

Tap Delete.

Tap OK.

Import contacts from SIM.

From the contacts list tap theMenu icon.

Tap "Import/Export".

Tap "Import From SIM card".

Select the desired destination.

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