Best Upcoming smartphone 2016 | Upcoming Latest Smartphones

Some smartphones are worth waiting for, andthere are some stunners coming in 2016.

These are the best phones coming in 2016, includingthe best new Android phones, best new iPhones, best new Windows phones, best new Samsungphones, best new Sony phones, best new HTC phones, best new LG phones and more.

In this feature we'll show you some of theexciting new iPhones and new Android phones (listed alphabetically) that will launch overthe coming year.

We'll also look back on some of the best new phones of 2015 so far.

APPLE IPHONE 7 The iPhone 7 will be Apple's brand-new flagshipphone for 2016, and following tradition should be announced in September.

Although the finalrelease date is still many months away, that hasn't stopped the rumour mill going crazyover the upcoming iPhone.

We've already seen rumours that the new iPhonewill feature big design changes, with an all-new D-jack headphone jack, waterproofing protectionand an eSIM.

Loads of rumours are circulating about the screen too – will it get bigger?Will it feature a curved edge? Will it have a Touch ID display, or edge-to-edge glass? One things for sure, the new iPhone will befaster than ever, with an A10 processor and embedded M10 motion co-processor, plus 2GBof RAM.

APPLE IPHONE 7 PLUS Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 Plus will be thebest iPhone to date, with an array of spec improvements that include a bump up to theA10 chip and M10 motion co-processor with 2GB of RAM.

It's been suggested that the iPhone 7 Plus'screen size will increase to 5.

7in, but without increasing the overall size of the iPhone7 Plus – this could be achieved with an edge-to-edge screen or sidewall display.

We just hope it'llimprove the resolution as well.

HTC ONE M10 Now that we know the phone unveiled by HTCin October was an HTC One A9, we're still expecting to see the HTC One M10 in March2016.

HTC One launches are traditionally held justprior to March's Mobile World Congress show, and HTC chairwoman Cher Wang has said therewould be significant improvements in innovations and design for the next flagship model nextyear.

A key area in which HTC now lags behind itsrivals is the screen, with the M9 featuring a full- rather than Quad HD display.

We'dexpect to see some key improvements here, as well as some general performance enhancements.

LG G5It's not long since we welcomed the LG G4, but the LG G5 will be here by the end of spring2016.

Obviously very little is known so far aboutLG's next flagship, but we have heard that the company is working with Prurience to bringan iris scanner to the G5.

And that's something of a surprise, given that the LG G4 doesn'teven feature a fingerprint scanner.

This isn't brand-new tech, and in fact we have an UMIIron phone in front of us with the same iris-scanning technology, but it will bring iris scanningin front of a UK audience for the first time.

Microsoft Surface Phone Surface Phone rumours have been few and farbetween, leading some to think it's nothing more than a myth.

But it was recently revealedby Wired that Microsoft Corporate VP Panos Panay has been working on a prototype of anew phone.

Should it truly exist, the Surface Phone isexpected to arrive in 2016, with a 5.

5in Quad-HD AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM, 64- and 128GBstorage options (with microSD support), a 64-bit Intel processor and 21Mp rear- and8Mp front cameras.

The Surface Phone could also get a Surface Pen and a USB-C port.

Samsung Galaxy S7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeThe Galaxy S6 is a brilliant product from Samsung, and there has been so much intriguein its Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that it has since unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+phablet.

Samsung doesn't rest on its laurels too long, though, and in March 2016 at MobileWorld Congress we will see the new Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed – potentially alongsidea new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

In the S6 Samsung turned its back on Qualcommand instead used one of its own Exynos processors; while it's possible that we could see a continuationof this trend, we know Samsung has already been testing out the Snapdragon 820.

In fact,Samsung is thought to be working alongside Qualcomm in manufacturing the 820 with 3GHzKyro CPU cores.

This also means the new S7 could see Adreno 530 graphics and LP-DDR4RAM – possibly as much as 6GB, although 4GB is more likely.

We don't expect to see anything new in thealready very good screen, so expect a 5.

1in Quad HD SuperAMOLED panel.

The fingerprintscanner and heart-rate montor found in the S6 will also likely feature.

The Samsung GalaxyS7 will come with Android 6.

0 Marshmallow and TouchWiz.

Expect the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to go onsale in April 2016.

Best new phones 2016: Sony Xperia Z6 Sony has had a rough ride in the smartphonemarket this year and while it will hope the Xperia Z5 range will be a big success, itsthoughts must now be firmly with the Xperia Z6.

There's little in the way of leaked informationon the phone but it does seem that Sony will stop its six-month refresh cycle meaning theXperia Z6 will arrive around September 2016.

We're expecting a similar offering to theZ5 with waterproofing and a fingerprint scanner but we hope it will shake things up a bitwith something very different to past phones.

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