Microsoft Lumia 950 Window Phone

Microsoft Lumia 950 Window Phone

Microsoft Lumia 950 Price

Microsoft Lumia 950 Price: Microsoft has merely announced its initial crown jewel Windows 10 cell phone, the Lumia 950, together with the super-sized Lumia 950 XL. What chance does the smaller device have against the mighty iPhone 6S Microsoft Lumia 950 Window Phone.

We’re not talking about a basic sales projection here, of course. That would certainly be a little meaningless given Apple’s present, nigh-on undisputable placement. From a pure hardware point ofview, nonetheless, the Lumia 950 is clearly specced to thrill, and it points to a considerably stronger future for Microsoft in mobile. Check out exactly how it as compares to the current smartphone king, the iPhone 6S.

Lumia layout

The iPhone looks far better
Microsoft didn’t actually speak about the layout of the Lumia 950 at its launch event, and it’s very easy to see why. From the outside this looks to be a gadget birthed of a previous generation, back when Nokia was still making Windows phones Microsoft Lumia 950 Window Phone.

Thus, we get what seems a chunky, all-polycarbonate smartphone body. It’s rather 2011.

The iPhone 6S is barely the most handsome phone Apple has actually ever made, however it looks a good deal more superior than the Lumia 950. It’s made from collection 7000 aluminium, which makes it a tougher proposition compared to previous models, and also its rounded sides give it a subtle allure in the hand.

In style terms, the iPhone 6S is the clear winner right here. Now, if Microsoft were to let the team behind a the Surface Pro 4 free on a phone layout, then we ‘d have a contest …

3D Touch

Microsoft has won the resolution video game
The Lumia 950 loads a 5.2-inch QHD OLED display, which means that it’s much bigger and also much sharper compared to the iPhone 6S’s 4.7-inch LCD display.

It’ll also have more dynamic colours as well as deeper blacks, thanks to the use of OLED technology. Microsoft can thank the old Nokia team for that, as they were one of the only manufacturers other than Samsung to build up a significant body of work using such screen tech.

Certainly, it remains to be seen if Microsoft Mobile  can get the colour accuracy and also balance right, which is often the issue with OLED screens.

On the flip side, it’s OLED modern technology that enables the Lumia 950’s Glance screen feature. This actually dates back to Nokia’s independent days, but Glance enables only some of the screen to brighten and provide key information newest window mobile 2016 .

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